2012 AQHA Sorrel filly. DOB 2-13-12  JMK No Compromise x Classic N Cool (AQHA Chestnut sired by Cool Scotch)    Owned by Ron and Amy Hasty.


2012 APHA Sorrel Overo Filly. DOB 4-12-12   JMK No Compromise x Phenomenallyvolumenus (Sorrel SPB sired by SkipN Stylin)

2012 Tulsa State Fair - Late Weanling Stock Type Mare - Champion

2012 Land Rush Filly Futurity - 3rd place

2012 OPtHA Weanling Stallion Owners Filly Futurity - 2nd Place 

2012 APHA SPB Sorrel filly. DOB 4-3-12     JMK No Compromise x Sippin Brandy (Sorrel Overo sired by Chuto Brandy)

2012 APHA SPB Sorrel Filly.  DOB 03-23-12  JMK No Compromise x Class Bubble Up (Palomino Overo sired by Bright Spanish Class)


2012 OPtHA Weanling Breeders Filly Futurity - 2nd place

2012 Tulsa State Fair - Breeding Stock Early Weanling - Champion 

2012 Tulsa State Fair - Reserve Grand Champion Breeding Stock Mare



2012 APHA SPB Buckskin Filly. DOB 3-16-12  JMK No Compromise x Ima Chiefs Darlin (Black Tobiano sired by Chief Blackhawk)

2012 OPTHA Weanling Nominated  Filly Futurity - Champion

2012 Tulsa State Fair - Breeding Stock Early Weanling - 3rd place




2012 APHA SPB Sorrel Filly. DOB 4-10-12   Dontcha Luv Stylin x Kids Conclusive Miss (AQHA Gray sired by Scarlet Kid)     


2011 FOALS

A GOLDEN COMPROMISE  2011 APHA Palomino SPB Stallion #998,302   JMK No Compromise x Coosas Passion (apha)


2011 Buckskin AQHA Stallion    JMK No Compromise x Silverados Star



2010 FOALS

DONTCHA LUV CUPID  - Sorrel SPB filly  - Born 02-15-10  -  Dontcha Luv Magic x Ima Jazzy Cowgirl (aqha)

 Sold to Jordan Williams



DONTCHA LUV LILLIE   Sorrel Overo filly - Born 3-13-10  -  Dontcha Luv Magic x I Mighty Awsome (apha/aqha)

2010 Tulsa State Fair:

*OPtHA Weanling Stallion Owner's Filly Futurity - 2nd place

*Tri-Color Futurity Weanling Overo Stock Type Filly - 3rd place

*Tulsa State Fair Stock Type Early Weanling Filly - 2nd

DONTCHA LUV MY LEGACY  Sorrel Overo filly - Born 4-28-10  -  Dontcha Luv Magic x Aprils L S Legacy (apha)

SOLD to Joe Simmons, Okc, OK

2010 Tulsa State Fair:

*OPtHA SSA Weanling Nominated Filly Futurity - 1st place

*Tri-Color Futurity Weanling Overo Stock Type Filly - 2rd place

*Tulsa State Fair Stock Type Late Weanling Filly - 1st

*Reserve Grand Champion Stock Type Mare



2009 FOALS

Dontcha Luv Stylin - APHA/PtHA  Sorrel Overo stallion      Dontcha Luv Magic x Phenomenallyvolumenus

I want to say thanks to Rod Cavinder for doing such a great job getting my horses shown.
2009 Tulsa State Fair Results:

*Ok. Pinto Horse Club Stallion Service Auction Futurity - Weanling Stallion Owners Colt Futurity 2nd place.

*Tri- Color Futurity - (3 Judges), 2nd place        

*Stock Type Early Weanling Stallions and Geldings - 3rd place.

 2009-10 OPHC Holiday Classic Results:

*Weanling Stallions - 2nd place.

*Weanling Stallion Futurity - Champion.

*Yearling Stallions - 2nd place.

2010 4-States Fair:

*Champion Yearling Stallion 

*4 States Fair Grand Champion Stallion

2010 Tulsa State Fair:

*Tri-Color Futurity Yearling Stallions - Champion

*Stock Type Yearling Stallions - Champion

2010 Pinto Congress

* Champion Yearling Stallion




DONTCHA LUV IT SPICY  APHA/PtHA SPB Stallion    Dontcha Luv Magic x Tender But Spicy (AQHA)

2009 Tulsa State Fair Results:

*Ok. Pinto Horse Club Stallion Service Auction Futurity - Weanling Breeding Stock - All Types, 1st place.

*Big Boy Futurity - 1st place

*Breeding Stock Late Weanling (fair class) - 1st place.



MAGICS MORNING STAR  APHA SPB Filly      Dontcha Luv Magic (APHA) x BH Reveilles Banjo (AQHA)

Owned by Dr. Debra Burris of Buckthorn Farms in the state of Arkansas. Debra is very excited about the chance to show this nice fily at halter in the fall futurities here in Oklahoma. She has some nice young horses for sale that are well started undersaddle and some that are broke to drive. So if your in the market for a good sporthorse or dressage mount give her a look at


2008 FOALS

MAGIC FLAME   APHA / PtHA    2008 CHESTNUT OVERO   Dontcha Luv Magic X Flame Painted Me (by Flame Painted)


2008 Tulsa State Fair

*Ok Pinto Stallion Auction Futurity - Champion Weanling filly

*Tulsa State Fair - Champion Late Stock Type Tobiano filly

*Tulsa State Fair - Reserve Grand Champion Mare

*Big Boy Futurity  - Champion Weanling Filly

An OPHC representative and APHA purchased Magic Flame, and she was given away as the Grand Prize during the International Finals Rodeo in Oklahoma City, OK. on January 18th, 2009 during their "Lucky Program" prize drawing. I feel this is a testiment to the hard work and dilligence that goes into the selection of mares that were bred to Dontcha luv Magic, and proof of the quality foals that he produced.


2007 FOALS

DONTCHA LUV STELLA    2007 MARE     Dontcha Luv Magic x Me Awhe Betsy


Tulsa State Fair

*Oklahoma Pinto Stallion Auction Futurity - Champion Stallion Owners Late Weanling Filly 

*Tri Color Futurity - 3rd place Late Weanling Filly